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Water is the heartbeat of Georgia.

Sustaining life, powering industry, and cultivating growth - water is essential to our past, present, and future.

To ensure clean, plentiful water for generations of Georgians, a dynamic collaboration of entities in Georgia has teamed up to spotlight Smart Irrigation tools, management practices, and the social and economic benefits derived from irrigated agriculture to share Georgia’s commitment to water stewardship. 


Smart Irrigation

Smart Irrigation is the application of the right amount of water in the right place at the right time to optimize growth. Smart Irrigation occurs across Georgia - from your backyard to the farms that produce our food, fiber, and fuel.

Irrigation in Georgia

Georgia receives approximately 52 inches of rain on average. So why irrigate? Supplemental irrigation is the single most effective risk management tool that provides a safeguard against drought and unpredictable rain patterns. Georgia has an abundance of water resources and resilient aquifers that supply water supporting millions of people and globally significant industries. Smart Irrigation ensures that water is being used wisely and conserved for many more generations to come.

Conservation through Innovation

Feature video: Georgia farmers, researchers, and agricultural leaders discuss the importance of innovative conservation and farmer-driven stewardship.





Agriculture is Georgia’s #1 industry. Water is a critical component to its success. Read in-depth descriptions of Smart Irrigation tools available for farmers, including estimated costs and gains in efficiency.

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Farmers aren’t the only irrigators in Georgia! As cities continue to grow, efficient water use in urban landscapes is imperative. Understand Smart Irrigation tools and resources available in urban areas.

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Dive deeper into stories, news, and resources related to Smart Irrigation, water use, and water conservation across Georgia.