Center Pivot Irrigation

Q. What's the difference between a high pressure impact spinkler and a low pressure spray type sprinkler? Why are low pressure sprays on drops more widely used today?

A. Sprinklers actually deliver water from the center pivot irrigation systems to the soil and crop. High pressure impact spinklers are designed to operate at relatively high pressure and send water out over a large wetted area, in smaller water droplets, from a release point at the top of the center pivot-- 14 to 16 feet above the soil. The high release point and small droplets are a recipe for water losses-- from evaporation, from wind drift, etc. Conversely, low pressure spray-type sprinklers on drop hoses are sprinklers mounted on the end of hoses that suspend the sprinkler far below the center pivot pipe, but still well above the soil and crop. These sprinklers are designed to operate at very low pressure and thus the water is delivered over a smaller wetted area in larger droplets-- thus much less losses from evaporation and/or wind drift.

Q. What is an end gun?

A. An "end gun" is a large irrigation sprinkler designed to apply a large amount of water over a large araea. It is often mounted on the end of a center pivot irrgiation system to extend the wetted area beyond the physical end of the center pivot pipe to water more crop area.

Q. should i control my end gun?

A. You should have working controls for your end gun that sprays water over areas that you don't want to water. That could include preventing water from being sprayed on roadways, adjacnet forest land, houses, even adjacent farm land that isn't yours.

Q. can i control my pivot system remotely?

A. Absolutely! With today's advanced technologies, in particular SmartPhones, you can add technology to your center pivot control panel that enables you to control the system remotely from your iOS or Android SmartPhone.

Q. when should i retrofit my system, and when should i replace?

A. If your center pivot is in good working order other than the actual sprinklers, then consider replacing the sprinklers with new ones once the sprinklers and their impact pads are worn – usually 5-10 years depending on your water quality. Similarly, if your center pivot is fitted with inefficient impact sprinklers, consider retrofitting to more efficient low pressure spray-type sprinklers on drop hoses. However, you should consider replacing the entire system if the center pivot itself (control panel, gear boxes, drive lines, tires, mainline pipe, support structure) is worn, rusted, or damaged beyond its useful life.