Rules of Irrigation

Q. How is irrigation monitored. measured, and regulated in Georgia?

A. The water resources in Georgia are managed primarily by the Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The state "Georgia manages water resources in a sustainable manner to support the state's economy, to protect public health and natural systems, and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens."

Q. Do i need a permit to irrigate?

A. Not in Georgia. In Georgia you do need a permit from the Environmental Protection Division (EPD) for an ag water withdrawal if the pump involved in the withdrawal point is capable of pumping 100,000 gallons per day.

Q. I've heard there's been a suspension put into place on any new agricultural wells in Southwest Georgia, is that true? What does that mean?

A. This is true. In July of 2012, Georgia EPD issued a suspension of any new permits for ag water withdrawals (or change in current withdrawal permits) fora a large region of southwest Georgia emcompassing the lower Flint River basin area. This affects permits related to the Upper Floridan Aquifer ground water AND surface water in the more southern reaches of the suspension, and relates to permits using surface water in the more nothern reaches of the suspension area. It means that if you need a permit for an ag water withdrawal, you must look for other water sources.

Q. how long will that suspension last?

A. The suspension can go on indefinitely. The director of EPD reviews the conditions in the region each November and decides if the suspension should continue.