Smart Irrigation

Q. what is smart irrigation?

A. Smart Irrigation is the right amount of water in the right place at the right time to optimize growth and efficiency. Efficiency refers to the amount of water pumped that is utilized by the crop.

Q. what is irrigation scheduling?

A. Irrigation scheduling is a technique that involves determining how much water is needed and when to apply it to the field to meet crop demands.

Q. what is vri?

A. VRI stands for Variable Rate Irrigation. Most agricultural fields are highly variable, meaning multiple osil types, elevation changes, and non-cropped areas. VRI allows farmers to apply customized rates of water based on indivaual management zones under the pivot according to soil and crop needs. This improves water use efficiency and and decrease run off and nutrient leaching.

Q. what is vfd?

A. VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive. VFD units control the speed at which an electric motor spins an irrigation pump. It monitors line pressure to keep your line presure at the right level. If you have a center pivot that has an end gun that is controlled over non cropped areas or VRI controls that turn on/off sprinklers, a VFD can help prevent pressure spikes when flow is lessened.

Q. are there smartphone apps that will help me determine when to irrigate?

A. There are several Smart Irrigation app for both iOS and Android for several agricultural crops,. Each app generates irrigation recommendations for it's specific crop according to thei particular characteristics and phenology of that crop. One of the most useful features of the app is the ability to receive notifications when irrigation is needed, rain events are observed in the field, and approaching phenological stages.